Winning on and for Liberty! This Saturday, August 10 at 4:30pm

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We are meeting at Papa Cristo’s Greek restaurant at 2771 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, 90006 (near Normandie)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Guest speakers will be Xander Snyder from Restore The 4th and Chris Kolski, RLC-CA endorsed candidate for Assembly in the 45th district (San Fernando Valley).
ACTION ALERT: It takes less than 15 minutes and must be completed BEFORE the August 10 meeting. Details here:

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Big Brother potluck in June. We made new friends who agree the #1 enemy of liberty is this anti-constitutional federal government.

Did you see RLC-endorsed Congressman Justin Amash make another breakthrough for the Liberty Republican brand when he grew a coalition of progressives and conservatives against funding the anti-constitutional NSA?
Now WE must organize and act. LOCALLY. Some actions are clear and direct, others are mercurial. Where will you fit in?

Keep checking this event page for updates.
Some topics to be covered at the August 10 meeting are:
– Stopping NDAA “indefinite detention” and other coalition projects — an Action Alert is up at
– Building a Home Offline and Online
– Planning for CRP Convention in Anaheim on October 4

Did you know? August 10, 1776 was the day word of the Declaration of Independence reached London.
OK, betcha didn’t know August 10, 1949 was the day President Truman signed the NSA Amendment, replacing the Department of War with the Department of Defense.

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