Meeting & Board Elections on Wed Sept 18 at 6:30pm

Republican Liberty Caucus of L.A. County invites you to celebrate our chapter’s 2nd Year Anniversary. Join the action and support true adherence to our founding principles during Constitution week!
Members pay yearly dues of $45 or $30 for military/students. Couples pay $75!
6:30pm – Dinner is served. Pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts will be ordered in advance to serve our large group. Be prepared to kick in $10. RSVP and let Nick Hankoff know your food preferences.
7:30pm –┬áRLC Meeting, Agenda to be announced.
8:00pm – New RLC Board Elections. Members vote for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
8:30pm – Special Surprise Speaker
9:00pm – Order more pitchers of beer and plot the next victory for liberty

Republic or Empire?

Locally, we can pull the rug out from under big government, and we have done just that. Assembly Bill 351 passed!

Governor Brown will sit down to a bill refusing compliance with the federal government’s “indefinite detention” claimed powers after AB 351 passed the State Senate floor. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s AB 351 nullifies the unconstitutional authority signed by Obama on Dec 31, 2011 that seeks to deny all persons, Americans included, the right to a trial, lawyer, jury, etc. Habeas Corpus and due process are enemies of Empire precisely because they are part of the fabric that made the American Republic exceptional. RLC members and vast coalitions fought back at the city hall level across California to prevent a repeat of our dark history. Tyrants imprisoned Japanese Americans in California just a few generations ago but no such policy will be implemented on our watch. This is how a Republic works. You “keep it” as Benjamin Franklin would say.
Now we face the danger of Washington, D.C.’s anti-constitutional, treasonous war on Syria. We must stick together, and strengthen the Republican Party so that it can be the party of the Republic.