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Who We Are:
The RLC of Los Angeles County promotes the ideas, policies, candidates and officials that adhere to the principles of liberty.  We seek to strengthen the Republican Party with an unwavering observance of the Constitution and a high regard for civil liberties. We host regular meetings for the purpose of education, action, and networking. Stay informed by with our newsletter and by checking our calendar of events.

Statement of Principles & Positions
The Republican Liberty Caucus supports individual rights, limited government and free enterprise.

We believe every human being is endowed by nature with inherent rights to life, liberty and property that are properly secured by law. We support a strict construction of the Bill of Rights as a defense against tyranny; the expansion of those rights to all voluntary consensual conduct under the Ninth and Tenth Amendments; and the requirements of equal protection and due process under the Fourteenth Amendment.

We support the Constitutional restrictions on federal government powers enumerated in Article I, Section 8 as an absolute limit on all government functions and programs. We oppose the adoption of broad and vague powers under the guise of general welfare or interstate commerce.

We oppose all restrictions on the voluntary and honest exchange of value in a free market. We favor minimal, equitable, and fair taxation for the essential functions of government. We oppose all legislation that concedes Congressional power to any regulatory agency, executive department, or international body.

We support the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, the republican form of government it requires, and the right of all citizens to fair and equitable representation.

We believe these are also the proper positions of the Republican Party.

*from Republican Liberty Caucus of California

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  1. Would like to learn more about how to get involved…live in South Pasadena. Great appearance on Glenn Beck.

    • Hey Kevin! Thanks! Glad you saw us on Glenn Beck. We’d love to have you involved. Signup on our newsletter to keep informed about upcoming meetings and action alerts. Join us as a member by filling out the membership form and paying the club dues. There’s no major commitment involved – just show up and be a part of it!

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