Extended Remarks: lacRLC Board on Mark Isler May 23

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Nick Hankoff, Amir Zendehnam, JJ Picard, Erin Letarte, & Noah Johnson continue the discussion after the Mark Isler Show (KRLA AM 870) Listen (lacRLC panel discussion begins at 14:50)

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Democrats for Rand?

Rand Paul - DNC

It appears the Democratic Party has a Republican creating memes for their Facebook page.  They have been posting a series of images in a hilarious attempt to attack the Republican presidential candidates. In their first try at Rand Paul, the Democrats posted this black and red image of Rand saying, “I’d shut down the Department of Education.” I’m sure Rand was wondering how to hire their graphic designer as the image has surpassed  5,000 shares, making it their most viral image of late.  Many commenters seem baffled by this image. Others were enraged because they mistakenly believe shutting down the 35 year old DOE would end the public school system.  These uninformed individuals don’t care to hear Paul’s arguments for local control of education and empowering parents through school choice.  Don’t try to give them statistics about the decline of American education since the creation of the Deptartment.

As that first attempt backfired, the Democrats retreated to beat the drums of class warfare. They posted this image with an orphaned quote reading: “You can’t punish the rich.”

Alice Salles, an RLC member, left a comment giving the context of this statement. She wrote, “Here’s the full quote by the way. It’s really amazing.”

“What I’ve been saying in my speeches is ‘do you remember when they said they wanted to tax the yachts?’ They were going to tax these big boats that the rich people bought. Well, guess what? The rich people went to the Virgin Islands and bought their boats down there. But, you know who was hurt? The ship builders in Connecticut. You can’t punish rich people. You end up punishing the people who work for them, or you punish the people who they buy things from.”
– Rand Paul (September 2010)  [VIDEO]

So, are the Democrats arguing that we should punish the rich? What does that look like? Are they admiting that taxation is punishment? We urge you to keep your attention on these wonderful memes as the comment section is a great place to do some great grassroots activism and help some Democrat learn about Liberty.You can do it with comments using basic logic.  You can just fill in the missing part of the quotes they cherrypick. Or you can do as we’ve done and post images with slight modifications to their memes. This one provides a quote that far more telling about Rand Paul and his policy ideas.

I'll cut every penny from corporate welfare before I touch one penny of the social safety net.

Bitcoin Under Fire

Rand Paul - Donate
This week, Sen. Rand Paul became the first U.S. Presidential Candidate to accept Bitcoin donations. The New York Times published an article entitled, “In Accepting Bitcoin, Rand Paul Raises Money and Questions”. The article argues “presidential fund-raising […] may have just become even more secretive”, suggesting that Bitcoin opens the doors for illegal contributions.  The war of misinformation against Rand Paul has begun. Bitcoin is not untraceable and Rand Paul is trying to out perform the Fed in secrecy.

Money and information; if you can control these you can rule the masses. As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin liberates money from central control by any individual or group. As a public ledger of transactions, the Bitcoin network (the blockchain), holds a complete record of all transactions making it perfect for accountability in campaign finance. Bitcoin is transparent. This fact escapes many journalist and politicians who often prefer to cast Bitcoin beneath the shadow of the Silk Road and the Dark Web. While questioning Paul’s intentions the author also recorgnizes that Paul follows the FCC rules that limit Bitcoin contributions to $100.

Below is the email I wrote to the author addressing the false premise that bitcoin is “ultimately untraceable”:

Bitcoin is perfectly traceable.

This is a common misunderstanding because of its murky origins. But every transaction on the Bitcoin network (Blockchain) is recorded on a public ledger viewable by anyone with eyes and an internet connection. Check out blockchain.info. You can check the balance and activity of any bitcoin address. For this reason Bitcoin is the perfect campaign finance currency.

Here’s a great article explaining the traceability and transparency of Bitcoin: How Anonymous is Bitcoin

Another omitted fact is that a Bitcoin donor must submit their name, address, and occupation before they are able to make a donation to Senator Paul.

Your article is based on a very false premise and common misunderstandings about this emergent technology. I hope you’ll acknowledge this mistake and make all necessary corrections.

I’ll let you all know about the reply… once I hear back.

My next and far more important letter will be to Assemblyman Matt Dababneh who has introduced a bill, AB1326 – Virtual Currency, to the California State Legistlature that would ammend the financial code to impose hefty fees and strenuous regulations on Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Please Tweet @MattDababneh and your CA State assemblyperson about your concerns against this troublesome legislation.


Another blogger wrote a similar article so I blasted him on Twitter.

lacRLC Screening: CITIZENFOUR at Crest Theater

Sunday, Feb. 15th 8:00pm lacRLC & Crest Theater (Westwood) are hosting a special presentation of “CITIZENFOUR” the Oscar-nominated documentary about Edward Snowden and the surveillance state.

Before the film, special guests speakers will discuss the issues addressed in this film. Topics include Bitcoin, encryption, and how to reign in the surveillance state.

After the film, lacRLC will host a special Q&A Panel Discussion.

There will also be a petition available for patrons to sign that aims to grant clemency to the whistleblower so that he may one day return to his native soil.

Why I’m a Republican

@freenoahjLast week I had the pleasure of meeting a couple of social justice advocates at my workplace. My boss, wanting to build relationships let them know that: “Noah is really in to politics too.”

“Oy,” I thought, “why did you have to say that!?”

“Oh, wow, what organizations are you involved with?” they asked.

My fear was immediately realized. After fumbling over my tongue for awhile I began to couch my answer with phrases like: “Well, I’m not your typical…”, “If I tell you, just hear me out for a minute…”, “I’m a reformer and my activism is more internal.”

It’s clear; my Republicanism does not stand at the forefront of my identity. Being in Los Angeles (especially as a Black man) saying, “I’m Republican.” is a declaration of war. I might as well say, “I’m a Klansman.” in certain circles. Rand Paul was right, “The Republican brand sucks!”

I went on to explain to my new Leftist friends that I wasn’t a “status-quo Republican” but was part of the “civil liberties wing of the Party”; an outsider working with anyone on the political spectrum where the advance of liberty brought us together. I told them how lacRLC has worked closely with the ACLU against indefinite detention (NDAA 2012) and LAPD drones. I concluded by reassuring them that I often get along with leftist better than many people within the GOP.

After all this, how should I answer the question of why am I a Republican? Honestly, I wouldn’t be a Republican but for the RLC. I like what others have said, that the RLC exists to introduce the Republican platform to the Republican Party. I stand with the platform that supported sound money, civil rights, individual responsibility and freedom of association. The Party that opposed an aggressive foreign policy but stood for the freedoms of  citizens here at home; the Republican platform that defended the entrepreneur as well as the disenfranchised. These truly are the rightful positions of the Republican Party and I am proudly working to advance these positions.

But I can’t just look to the past because human understanding of freedom has expanded from age to age. The fight for freedom of the 20th century is not the same fight here today.  But how do we take the principles of yesterday’s freedom fighters to defy the tyranny of today? Together with my friends in the lacRLC, I examine the past to carry forward the greater tradition of securing freedom and opportunity for all.

I believe that we are not just “the future of the Republican Party”, the Liberty Caucus and its positions have taken prominent place in the political discourse. The maturation of Ron Paul 2008 sign-waivers has born the fruit of success. We are no longer outsiders but a well organized and sizable force in the political and cultural spheres of the U.S.  It’s an exciting time to be a so-called “Liberty Republican”.

My mother raised me with a memorable gem, “You can’t have a mutiny if you ain’t on the ship.” In a nation where two parties comprise the totality of reputable political discourse one has the choice either to ignore or to participate in the system. I have decided to participate so I can have my mutiny (nonviolently, in accord with the nonaggression principle, of course!).

If you are in the Los Angeles area, I encourage you to join us in this endeavor to reclaim the Republican Party for Liberty!

January Meeting

Martin Luther King Jr. on Injustice
We are hosting our next meeting on Sunday, January 18th at 3:00pm at Strive, a mini-campus for inner city children, located at 9124 S. Main Street in Los Angeles.

We’re meeting in South L.A. on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day to discuss the civil rights issues of our day.

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Supplant the Fed! – Bitcoin & Liberty

I remember the energy in the air during Ron Paul’s huge rally at UCLA during the 2012 Presidential primary. The line was nearly a mile long, and once the doors closed at full capacity many students climbed trees to see the Texas Congressman discuss the principles liberty and free market economics. I can hear it even now; at his first mention of The Federal Reserve the crowd immediately began to chant in thunderous unison, “End the Fed! End the Fed! End the Fed!”  Ron looked up at 7,000+ onlookers, gave his characteristic chuckle and smiled saying, “You already know my speech! Yeah, End the Fed!”  “End the Fed” became the rallying cry of the American Liberty Movement.  The Fed’s control of monetary policy – interest rates, business cycle, the money supply, etc. have been condemned as the root of all that is evil in the American Empire.

Now in 2014, many liberty activists have evolved from a focus on ending the Fed to an emphasis on supplanting it. How unfortunate “Supplant the Fed” doesn’t have that same nice ring to it! As email has disrupted the state’s monopoly on message delivery, the decentralized, peer to peer, digital currency Bitcoin offers even more disruptive potential in the global monetary system. With Bitcoin, individuals have the power to transfer value across the globe at lightning speed without government or corporate intermediaries. The implications of just this one promise of Bitcoin are beyond the scope of this post but rest assured the technology is a big win for human freedom world wide.
The Republican Liberty Caucus encourages innovative, free-market solutions to the inefficiencies and injustices of government institutions. While governments do so much to destroy so many sectors of our lives – (the financial system, the educational system, the transportation system, etc.) the people rise up and create peaceful solutions! So go grab a ride with Lyft to stay in a room using Airbnb, and go buy a beer with your Bitcoin! We are proud to accept Bitcoin donations and encourage our members to educate themselves about this new technology.*

*Disclaimer: None of the above should not be construed as financial advice.  Bitcoin is a risky investment and before spending a penny of your hard earned Federal Reserve Notes you are encouraged to do your own research and seek the advice of experienced financial advisors and technologists.