Every grassroots activist group needs to raise a little funding and do a lot of outreach. For the LA County RLC, we will accomplish both with a brand new printing of “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat with a special foreword from our chapter.

Buy it online or come to one of our meetings! Our asking price is $5 to cover the costs of printing. If you believe in the potential of this project and want to see more like it, please chip in a little more.

Never heard of The Law? Ron Paul said it should be the first book people read “to really wake them up to what the law ought to be.”

We’re confident people will share this book with friends and family, introducing them to the principles of liberty and the activists who fight for them.

lacRLC is Everywhere


2 events coming up July 8 and July 12

We aim for a record attendance at our next meeting, Sunday, July 12. After growing our membership in Burbank, South LA, Chinatown, Culver City, West Hollywood, and Pico-Union, we’re more than ready to venture to the people’s republic. Please be a part of this important event:
2:00pm Sunday July 12
Cross Campus: 929 Colorado Ave, Santa Monica 90401
Facebook RSVP (Please Share).

Email to suggest a specific agenda item. Major updates will include the upcoming RLCCA convention in Anaheim, our new opportunities for growth, and more.

Also, lacRLC chairman Nick Hankoff is the guest speaker at the July Meeting of the Libertarian Party chapter in Pasadena on July 8. Bring voter registration forms to poke them in the ribs with. No, but seriously folks, this is a great group and after the business of their club, there will be a fun discussion about immigration. 7:00pm, Wednesday, July 8
Panera Bread: 3521 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, 91107
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What’s the liberty Republican position on immigration? Extrapolating on RLC principles, our lacRLC Board submitted this.

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July 12 meeting announced!


How far will you go for liberty?

Santa Monica is all we ask.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, July 12, 2pm at Cross Campus 929 Colorado Blvd, Santa Monica, 90401

Happy 198th birthday to Henry David Thoreau! July 12 is as good an occasion as any to celebrate the American tradition in civil disobedience. And of course we won’t rule out politics. Are they diametrically opposed? Mutually exclusive? Or can they work hand in hand to roll back the state and expand liberty?

PLUS we’ll update you on the coming statewide RLC convention and much more! Stay tuned. And please invite those you know with a passion for liberty.





Email with questions.

JOIN, or Die: Next Meeting is Member Appreciation Day


Sunday, May 17 4pm
Dinah’s Family Restaurant
6521 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045 [Map]

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Come be a part of the #1 liberty activist group in Southern California, the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus.

Meet the members and get inspired by their efforts that are making history locally and around the country. It’s time for libertarians, Constitutional conservatives, and liberty lovers of all stripes to celebrate our successes, then build on them.

Join the Republican Liberty Caucus here.
$45/yr or $30 for students/military

Stay tuned for updates!

What is the liberty Republican position on immigration?


Everyone wants common sense reform. Prevention of yet another unmanageable influx of migrants, refugees, illegal aliens (or pick your favorite immigrant label) should be a top priority.

But there are no Pollyanna solutions for what happened (and what is bound to happen again) on the Southern border. Mass deportation and amnesty won’t work. Both require way too much government and would result in more unintended consequences.

There is a tradition for libertarian Republicans to resurrect that will solve the immigration crisis. Ronald Reagan, Milton Friedman, and others have highlighted this tradition.

Click here to read our article “The Immigration Crisis Solved: A Liberty Republican View” at Voices of Liberty.

Voter Guide for November 4, 2014

RLCCA Voter Guide November 2014 [PDF]

The Republican Liberty Caucus of California (RLCCA) has released its November 4, 2014 mid-term endorsements and the L.A. County chapter stands with them. Click above for the guide, or if you’re averse to PDF files, read ahead:

Vote for Art Alas – 32nd Congressional District (San Gabriel Valley, El Monte, Covina)
Vote for Matthew Munson – 20th Senate District (San Fernando Valley, Pomona)
Vote for Zachary Taylor – 46th Assembly District (Thousand Oaks)

Vote NO on Proposition 1 – Water Quality, Support, and Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2014
This measure would authorize the state to borrow $7.1 billion for an assortment of water infrastructure projects. While the ongoing drought demonstrates the shortcomings of California’s current water infrastructure, adding billions more to California’s existing $300 billion state debt is not the right answer. The work proposed in Prop 1 should have been paid for on an ongoing basis out of the fees families, farmers, and businesses pay for the water they use. A vote for Prop 1 is a vote to bail out Sacramento for squandering this money.

Vote NO on Proposition 2 – Budget Stabilization Account
Planning a small surplus into the state budget during good years in order to cover shortfalls in bad years is an appealing idea, but Prop 2 is not the way to do it. Until California’s state debt is paid off, dipping into a reserve fund is equivalent to borrowing money, and Prop 2 gives the governor the unilateral authority to do so. In addition, Prop 2 also contains troubling provisions micromanaging school districts and incentivizing them to overspend in order to avoid having their local budget reserve funds confiscated by Sacramento.

Vote NO on Proposition 45 – Health Insurance Rate Change
This measure would put the state’s Insurance Commissioner in charge of approving or rejecting any proposed rate change in individual or small group health insurance premiums and would limit the ability of providers of other types of insurance to price according to the estimated risk of a particular policyholder. Both are terrible ideas. Insurance only works when prices are set appropriately with regards to estimated risk, and price fixing in any market tends to break the improper functioning of the market and create shortages.

Vote NO on Proposition 46 – Drug and Alcohol Testing of Doctors
This measure would require doctors to be regularly tested for drugs and alcohol. Pervasive drug and alcohol tests are expensive, intrusive, and unreliable; people who are abusing drugs can often easily fool the tests, while people who are not may test positive anyway. The state should stay out of the matter, give doctors the same presumption of innocence we give to the rest of the population, and trust hospitals to take appropriate measures to discipline their own employees.

Vote YES on Proposition 47 – Criminal Sentences, Misdemeanor Penalties
California has a number of crimes on the book that prosecutors can charge as either felonies or misdemeanors. These crimes include petty theft and various nonviolent drug offenses. Prop 47 would require prosecutors to charge those specific crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies except when the defendant has prior convictions for violent or serious felonies, and would commute the sentences of current inmates serving felony sentences for those crimes who cannot be shown to present an unreasonable public safety risk. This would do better justice by not over-sentencing minor offenders, save taxpayer money, and keep prison space open for truly dangerous criminals.

Vote YES on Proposition 48 – Indian Gaming
Compacts This measure ratifies certain tribal gaming compacts already approved by the legislature, in particular allowing the North Fork Tribe to build and operate a casino in Mandera county. The RLCCA supports the sovereign rights of the tribes, as well as the rights of all people to buy and sell legitimate goods and services, including gaming.

Video-Photo Essay: Glenn Beck Meets “Liberty Kids” of LA County Republican Liberty Caucus

UPDATED w/ more juicy photos and video below!


By now, everyone has read the “Liberty Kids” article published by Reuters and carried by the Drudge Report and countless other outlets. No, no, actually we’re the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Cau– OK, so people in media just like “Liberty Kids” better. We can deal with that.

So here’s the photo essay of how Amir Zendehnam (secretary), Noah Johnson (treasurer), and this post’s author Nick Hankoff (chair) reached true stardom and received Hollywood treatment in Texas, home of The Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze.


When I received the call from the producer, his first words were, “Is this Nick Hankoff?”
“Now listen,” I said, “the Republican National Committee isn’t getting a dime so stop call-”
“No, I’m calling from The Blaze. Glenn Beck wants to have you and a couple of your friends on the program to talk about what’s happening out in L.A. We’d fly you in to Dallas and set you up in a hotel and fly you back the next day. Sound good?”
“Free BBQ sounds good.”

So I called Noah and Amir. Next thing you know, we’re on our way.


The three of us didn’t know what Glenn Beck was going to ask. We quizzed each other on Rothbardian ethics until we nearly initiated aggression on ourselves. To relieve the anxiety, we decided to get our faces and hair did. The closest salon we found was conveniently located inside the state-of-the-art studios of The Blaze.


We felt and looked much better!


The rest is history. Check out The Blaze’s coverage of our appearance with more video clips here. Glenn Beck and his team made us feel right at home. Seriously, they rock. Freedom is known to bring people together, and we hope it brings us back to Dallas for a longer visit next time.





The obligatory BBQ photo/video. Thank you Hard Eights. Go there and you’ll be licking the toothpicks on their bacon-wrapped chicken jalapeno poppers.


Cheers from Dallas to still-the-best liberty movement in the country, Los Angeles County.
IMG_4037 cheers

LACRLC going viral?

This past Sunday, August 24, the Board of LACRLC, Nick Hankoff (Chair), Noah Johnson (Treasurer), and Amir Zendehnam (Secretary) joined a Hangout hosted by Melinda McCrady of Liberty on the Rocks. We talked about the “Liberty Kids” article, our shot heard ’round the world.
Then on Tuesday morning Amir joined the Armstrong & Getty Show, one of the funniest news talk shows in California. How is the “battle of the soul” for the GOP going?
Check out both media appearances below:

The Road to Rand Paul

Yes, Rand Paul is coming to Los Angeles! Will our RLC chapter be ready? Here are the next 4 dates you should mark on your calendar:
Sat June 28 – As SB828, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, makes its way through the California Assembly and on to Jerry Brown’s desk, more defenders of the 4th Amendment are organizing to commemorate one year since the NSA/Snowden incident. See you at the Glendale Public Library at 7:45pm for a FREE event. More details here.
Sun July 27 – Regular Meeting + Potluck. Bring some food, we’ll have a lot to chew over. RLC-endorsed candidate for congress Art Alas will be our special guest speaker. Agenda to be announced. At FilmTools in Burbank (1400 W. Burbank Blvd) at 3pm. More details here.
Sun August 17 – Regular Meeting plus Day of Action. At 354 E. Rowland St. in Covina at TeamArt HQ, offices of Art Alas for Congress at 2pm. More details here.
Sat September 20 – Well, really it all starts on the 19th, it’s the California Republican Party (CRP) Convention at LAX Marriott. But the 20th is the big one. Rand Paul will be the keynote speaker, same day as RLC-CA’s special event. Plus, just to pack the day with more action, our chapter’s Board Election Meeting will take place as well.
Email with any questions.

As always, we encourage you volunteer for and support these endorsed campaigns:
Art Alas for Congress (San Gabriel Valley)
Zachary Taylor for Assembly (Sherman Oaks)
Matthew Munson for State Senate (San Fernando Valley)
More candidates at

Also keep up with LA Parking Freedom at