Democrats for Rand?

Rand Paul - DNC

It appears the Democratic Party has a Republican creating memes for their Facebook page.  They have been posting a series of images in a hilarious attempt to attack the Republican presidential candidates. In their first try at Rand Paul, the Democrats posted this black and red image of Rand saying, “I’d shut down the Department of Education.” I’m sure Rand was wondering how to hire their graphic designer as the image has surpassed  5,000 shares, making it their most viral image of late.  Many commenters seem baffled by this image. Others were enraged because they mistakenly believe shutting down the 35 year old DOE would end the public school system.  These uninformed individuals don’t care to hear Paul’s arguments for local control of education and empowering parents through school choice.  Don’t try to give them statistics about the decline of American education since the creation of the Deptartment.

As that first attempt backfired, the Democrats retreated to beat the drums of class warfare. They posted this image with an orphaned quote reading: “You can’t punish the rich.”

Alice Salles, an RLC member, left a comment giving the context of this statement. She wrote, “Here’s the full quote by the way. It’s really amazing.”

“What I’ve been saying in my speeches is ‘do you remember when they said they wanted to tax the yachts?’ They were going to tax these big boats that the rich people bought. Well, guess what? The rich people went to the Virgin Islands and bought their boats down there. But, you know who was hurt? The ship builders in Connecticut. You can’t punish rich people. You end up punishing the people who work for them, or you punish the people who they buy things from.”
– Rand Paul (September 2010)  [VIDEO]

So, are the Democrats arguing that we should punish the rich? What does that look like? Are they admiting that taxation is punishment? We urge you to keep your attention on these wonderful memes as the comment section is a great place to do some great grassroots activism and help some Democrat learn about Liberty.You can do it with comments using basic logic.  You can just fill in the missing part of the quotes they cherrypick. Or you can do as we’ve done and post images with slight modifications to their memes. This one provides a quote that far more telling about Rand Paul and his policy ideas.

I'll cut every penny from corporate welfare before I touch one penny of the social safety net.

Bitcoin Under Fire

Rand Paul - Donate
This week, Sen. Rand Paul became the first U.S. Presidential Candidate to accept Bitcoin donations. The New York Times published an article entitled, “In Accepting Bitcoin, Rand Paul Raises Money and Questions”. The article argues “presidential fund-raising […] may have just become even more secretive”, suggesting that Bitcoin opens the doors for illegal contributions.  The war of misinformation against Rand Paul has begun. Bitcoin is not untraceable and Rand Paul is trying to out perform the Fed in secrecy.

Money and information; if you can control these you can rule the masses. As a decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin liberates money from central control by any individual or group. As a public ledger of transactions, the Bitcoin network (the blockchain), holds a complete record of all transactions making it perfect for accountability in campaign finance. Bitcoin is transparent. This fact escapes many journalist and politicians who often prefer to cast Bitcoin beneath the shadow of the Silk Road and the Dark Web. While questioning Paul’s intentions the author also recorgnizes that Paul follows the FCC rules that limit Bitcoin contributions to $100.

Below is the email I wrote to the author addressing the false premise that bitcoin is “ultimately untraceable”:

Bitcoin is perfectly traceable.

This is a common misunderstanding because of its murky origins. But every transaction on the Bitcoin network (Blockchain) is recorded on a public ledger viewable by anyone with eyes and an internet connection. Check out You can check the balance and activity of any bitcoin address. For this reason Bitcoin is the perfect campaign finance currency.

Here’s a great article explaining the traceability and transparency of Bitcoin: How Anonymous is Bitcoin

Another omitted fact is that a Bitcoin donor must submit their name, address, and occupation before they are able to make a donation to Senator Paul.

Your article is based on a very false premise and common misunderstandings about this emergent technology. I hope you’ll acknowledge this mistake and make all necessary corrections.

I’ll let you all know about the reply… once I hear back.

My next and far more important letter will be to Assemblyman Matt Dababneh who has introduced a bill, AB1326 – Virtual Currency, to the California State Legistlature that would ammend the financial code to impose hefty fees and strenuous regulations on Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Please Tweet @MattDababneh and your CA State assemblyperson about your concerns against this troublesome legislation.


Another blogger wrote a similar article so I blasted him on Twitter.

The Road to Rand Paul

Yes, Rand Paul is coming to Los Angeles! Will our RLC chapter be ready? Here are the next 4 dates you should mark on your calendar:
Sat June 28 – As SB828, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, makes its way through the California Assembly and on to Jerry Brown’s desk, more defenders of the 4th Amendment are organizing to commemorate one year since the NSA/Snowden incident. See you at the Glendale Public Library at 7:45pm for a FREE event. More details here.
Sun July 27 – Regular Meeting + Potluck. Bring some food, we’ll have a lot to chew over. RLC-endorsed candidate for congress Art Alas will be our special guest speaker. Agenda to be announced. At FilmTools in Burbank (1400 W. Burbank Blvd) at 3pm. More details here.
Sun August 17 – Regular Meeting plus Day of Action. At 354 E. Rowland St. in Covina at TeamArt HQ, offices of Art Alas for Congress at 2pm. More details here.
Sat September 20 – Well, really it all starts on the 19th, it’s the California Republican Party (CRP) Convention at LAX Marriott. But the 20th is the big one. Rand Paul will be the keynote speaker, same day as RLC-CA’s special event. Plus, just to pack the day with more action, our chapter’s Board Election Meeting will take place as well.
Email with any questions.

As always, we encourage you volunteer for and support these endorsed campaigns:
Art Alas for Congress (San Gabriel Valley)
Zachary Taylor for Assembly (Sherman Oaks)
Matthew Munson for State Senate (San Fernando Valley)
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