JOIN, or Die: Next Meeting is Member Appreciation Day


Sunday, May 17 4pm
Dinah’s Family Restaurant
6521 S Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90045 [Map]

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Come be a part of the #1 liberty activist group in Southern California, the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus.

Meet the members and get inspired by their efforts that are making history locally and around the country. It’s time for libertarians, Constitutional conservatives, and liberty lovers of all stripes to celebrate our successes, then build on them.

Join the Republican Liberty Caucus here.
$45/yr or $30 for students/military

Stay tuned for updates!

lacRLC Screening: CITIZENFOUR at Crest Theater

Sunday, Feb. 15th 8:00pm lacRLC & Crest Theater (Westwood) are hosting a special presentation of “CITIZENFOUR” the Oscar-nominated documentary about Edward Snowden and the surveillance state.

Before the film, special guests speakers will discuss the issues addressed in this film. Topics include Bitcoin, encryption, and how to reign in the surveillance state.

After the film, lacRLC will host a special Q&A Panel Discussion.

There will also be a petition available for patrons to sign that aims to grant clemency to the whistleblower so that he may one day return to his native soil.

January Meeting

Martin Luther King Jr. on Injustice
We are hosting our next meeting on Sunday, January 18th at 3:00pm at Strive, a mini-campus for inner city children, located at 9124 S. Main Street in Los Angeles.

We’re meeting in South L.A. on the weekend of Martin Luther King Day to discuss the civil rights issues of our day.

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Action Day for Art Alas – Saturday October 4th

10639509_10152386810820959_5150559336568880473_nThe LA Times just wrote an article that said the Republican Party is nearly extinct in Los Angeles. We beg to differ. Join the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus and all of the young, energetic Team Art volunteers on Saturday, October 4th as we hit the streets for Art Alas and the message of liberty! This is exactly one month before the election and we are expecting a big turnout. Everyone is invited!

Can’t make it on the 4th? The campaign headquarters is open 7 days a week so come on over whenever you can to see how you can help.

Campaign headquarters address: 354 E. Rowland St., Covina, 91723
Like Art’s Facebook page for more info:
And RSVP on the Facebook event HERE

Video-Photo Essay: Glenn Beck Meets “Liberty Kids” of LA County Republican Liberty Caucus

UPDATED w/ more juicy photos and video below!


By now, everyone has read the “Liberty Kids” article published by Reuters and carried by the Drudge Report and countless other outlets. No, no, actually we’re the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Cau– OK, so people in media just like “Liberty Kids” better. We can deal with that.

So here’s the photo essay of how Amir Zendehnam (secretary), Noah Johnson (treasurer), and this post’s author Nick Hankoff (chair) reached true stardom and received Hollywood treatment in Texas, home of The Glenn Beck Program on The Blaze.


When I received the call from the producer, his first words were, “Is this Nick Hankoff?”
“Now listen,” I said, “the Republican National Committee isn’t getting a dime so stop call-”
“No, I’m calling from The Blaze. Glenn Beck wants to have you and a couple of your friends on the program to talk about what’s happening out in L.A. We’d fly you in to Dallas and set you up in a hotel and fly you back the next day. Sound good?”
“Free BBQ sounds good.”

So I called Noah and Amir. Next thing you know, we’re on our way.


The three of us didn’t know what Glenn Beck was going to ask. We quizzed each other on Rothbardian ethics until we nearly initiated aggression on ourselves. To relieve the anxiety, we decided to get our faces and hair did. The closest salon we found was conveniently located inside the state-of-the-art studios of The Blaze.


We felt and looked much better!


The rest is history. Check out The Blaze’s coverage of our appearance with more video clips here. Glenn Beck and his team made us feel right at home. Seriously, they rock. Freedom is known to bring people together, and we hope it brings us back to Dallas for a longer visit next time.





The obligatory BBQ photo/video. Thank you Hard Eights. Go there and you’ll be licking the toothpicks on their bacon-wrapped chicken jalapeno poppers.


Cheers from Dallas to still-the-best liberty movement in the country, Los Angeles County.
IMG_4037 cheers

BIG Announcement – LACRLC Does Dallas

The Board of the Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus is flying to Dallas, Texas. Unlike many other Californians, we promise we’ll be back! Chairman Nick Hankoff, Treasurer Noah Johnson and Secretary Amir Zendehnam have been invited to be guests on The Glenn Beck Program. We will be discussing the future of the Republican Party, the Liberty Movement and much more!

Watch us live on Wednesday, September 3 at 2pm PST/4pm CT here: The Glenn Beck Program

The Road to Rand Paul

Yes, Rand Paul is coming to Los Angeles! Will our RLC chapter be ready? Here are the next 4 dates you should mark on your calendar:
Sat June 28 – As SB828, the 4th Amendment Protection Act, makes its way through the California Assembly and on to Jerry Brown’s desk, more defenders of the 4th Amendment are organizing to commemorate one year since the NSA/Snowden incident. See you at the Glendale Public Library at 7:45pm for a FREE event. More details here.
Sun July 27 – Regular Meeting + Potluck. Bring some food, we’ll have a lot to chew over. RLC-endorsed candidate for congress Art Alas will be our special guest speaker. Agenda to be announced. At FilmTools in Burbank (1400 W. Burbank Blvd) at 3pm. More details here.
Sun August 17 – Regular Meeting plus Day of Action. At 354 E. Rowland St. in Covina at TeamArt HQ, offices of Art Alas for Congress at 2pm. More details here.
Sat September 20 – Well, really it all starts on the 19th, it’s the California Republican Party (CRP) Convention at LAX Marriott. But the 20th is the big one. Rand Paul will be the keynote speaker, same day as RLC-CA’s special event. Plus, just to pack the day with more action, our chapter’s Board Election Meeting will take place as well.
Email with any questions.

As always, we encourage you volunteer for and support these endorsed campaigns:
Art Alas for Congress (San Gabriel Valley)
Zachary Taylor for Assembly (Sherman Oaks)
Matthew Munson for State Senate (San Fernando Valley)
More candidates at

Also keep up with LA Parking Freedom at

June 15 Meeting – Action Committees Report plus Membership Appreciation Day


The next meeting for the RLC of LA County will be Sunday, June 15 at 3pm inside FilmTools, 1400 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506
You can RSVP at the Facebook link here.

Yes, the next Republican Liberty Caucus of Los Angeles County meeting is on Father’s Day! Even if he’s a neocon, bring your dad!
June 15 at 3pm within the FilmTools office in Burbank, 1400 W. Burbank Blvd.
Don’t miss your chance to hear from and join our brand new Action Committees. Let me remind you that your Membership Dues are now shared with the LA County RLC chapter, not just national RLC and state RLCCA. Examples:
Payment of a Regular Membership of $45/year means $15 in this local chapter’s piggy bank.
Students/Military who join at the $30 Membership rate bring in $7.50 to this local chapter’s piggy bank.
You can pay with cash or check at our meetings. If you want to pay online, this is the only link that ensures the local chapter gets a share:

The June 3 Primary is over, time to plan for November 4! Congrats to these young, future statesmen:
Art Alas for Congress 2014 (District 32 – San Gabriel Valley)
Zachary Taylor for Assembly (District 46 – Sherman Oaks)
Matthew Munson for State Senate District 20 (San Fernando Valley)

1 – Report by Chair
2 – Report by Treasurer
3 – Report by Secretary
4 – June 3 Primary Results, Organizing for November 4 General Election
5 – Action Committee Reports
5a – Membership
5b – Fundraising
5c – Social Media
5d – Blog & Online Resource for Candidates/Members
6 – Rand Paul to Keynote September 19-21 California Republican Party (CRP) Fall Convention at LAX Marriott
7 – Other New Business

This is how we win. Meeting & Special Event on Thurs Nov 14 #LAvsNSA

Because the venue has a strict capacity policy (thanks Fire Marshalls), you MUST reserve your FREE tickets online to attend:

The Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus will be holding its first meeting since electing a new Board in September. All Republicans and their friends are invited to attend.
Directly following the RLC meeting, the special coalition event begins. The success of Asm. Tim Donnelly’s AB-351, the RLC-endorsed legislation from the RLC-endorsed candidate for Governor, barring any agency or officer in California from cooperating with federal “indefinite detention” policies, has raised interest in another effort. This time the target is unconstitutional mass surveillance by the NSA.

6:30pm Thursday, November 14 at the Huffington Center 1324 S. Normandie Ave (at Pico)
Free Parking! Food details still to come.

You will hear from the following organizations:
Republican Liberty Caucus of LA County
Restore The Fourth Los Angeles
Tenth Amendment Center
Oath Keepers of Los Angeles County
ACLU of Southern California
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP)
Stop LAPD Spying
Young Americans for Liberty
Bill of Rights Defense Committee

The goal is to come together across all ideological boundaries and agree to a specific action. The potential coalition nickname is #LAvsNSA and our target would be all local governments throughout the county as well as college campuses. Through resolutions, ordinances, and bills, we will demand the Constitution be upheld here even if it won’t be in Washington, D.C.

What exactly does the NSA do? How does it do the things it does? What’s the proper response? What’s our strategy to win?

On matters of national security, our voice – the one of liberty and localism – ought to be the loudest within GOP circles. We were right to take on the NDAA when other Republicans didn’t, and it’s now time to bring them into the fold to defend the 4th Amendment.

To join or re-new your RLC membership dues, just come to the meeting or you may do so securely online by clicking here.

After the initial revelations from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, Dr. Ron Paul went on CNN to say, “It’s an awakening call. Let’s hope we can get progressives together with the libertarians and constitutionalists and say Enough Is Enough!” Let’s implement the same “Ron Paul strategy” that propelled AB-351 to become law in California.

Meeting & Board Elections on Wed Sept 18 at 6:30pm

Republican Liberty Caucus of L.A. County invites you to celebrate our chapter’s 2nd Year Anniversary. Join the action and support true adherence to our founding principles during Constitution week!
Members pay yearly dues of $45 or $30 for military/students. Couples pay $75!
6:30pm – Dinner is served. Pizzas, pastas, salads, and desserts will be ordered in advance to serve our large group. Be prepared to kick in $10. RSVP and let Nick Hankoff know your food preferences.
7:30pm – RLC Meeting, Agenda to be announced.
8:00pm – New RLC Board Elections. Members vote for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
8:30pm – Special Surprise Speaker
9:00pm – Order more pitchers of beer and plot the next victory for liberty

Republic or Empire?

Locally, we can pull the rug out from under big government, and we have done just that. Assembly Bill 351 passed!

Governor Brown will sit down to a bill refusing compliance with the federal government’s “indefinite detention” claimed powers after AB 351 passed the State Senate floor. Assemblyman Tim Donnelly’s AB 351 nullifies the unconstitutional authority signed by Obama on Dec 31, 2011 that seeks to deny all persons, Americans included, the right to a trial, lawyer, jury, etc. Habeas Corpus and due process are enemies of Empire precisely because they are part of the fabric that made the American Republic exceptional. RLC members and vast coalitions fought back at the city hall level across California to prevent a repeat of our dark history. Tyrants imprisoned Japanese Americans in California just a few generations ago but no such policy will be implemented on our watch. This is how a Republic works. You “keep it” as Benjamin Franklin would say.
Now we face the danger of Washington, D.C.’s anti-constitutional, treasonous war on Syria. We must stick together, and strengthen the Republican Party so that it can be the party of the Republic.