Winning on and for Liberty! This Saturday, August 10 at 4:30pm

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We are meeting at Papa Cristo’s Greek restaurant at 2771 W. Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, 90006 (near Normandie)

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Guest speakers will be Xander Snyder from Restore The 4th and Chris Kolski, RLC-CA endorsed candidate for Assembly in the 45th district (San Fernando Valley).
ACTION ALERT: It takes less than 15 minutes and must be completed BEFORE the August 10 meeting. Details here:

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Big Brother potluck in June. We made new friends who agree the #1 enemy of liberty is this anti-constitutional federal government.

Did you see RLC-endorsed Congressman Justin Amash make another breakthrough for the Liberty Republican brand when he grew a coalition of progressives and conservatives against funding the anti-constitutional NSA?
Now WE must organize and act. LOCALLY. Some actions are clear and direct, others are mercurial. Where will you fit in?

Keep checking this event page for updates.
Some topics to be covered at the August 10 meeting are:
– Stopping NDAA “indefinite detention” and other coalition projects — an Action Alert is up at
– Building a Home Offline and Online
– Planning for CRP Convention in Anaheim on October 4

Did you know? August 10, 1776 was the day word of the Declaration of Independence reached London.
OK, betcha didn’t know August 10, 1949 was the day President Truman signed the NSA Amendment, replacing the Department of War with the Department of Defense.

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Silver Circle MOVIE PREMIER + Raffle/After Party with LA County Republican Liberty Caucus

Come out to North Hollywood on Friday, April 5 for the Premiere of the independent film Silver Circle. LA County RLC will hold a raffle so show up early! Win a 1oz silver round, End the Fed T-shirt or bumper sticker!

Laemmle NoHo 7
5240 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood
Showtime is 7pm but show up early for the raffle! And stay late, we’re all heading over to Big Wangs afterward.

LACRLC members are notified via email of general meetings. Other liberty-themed and GOP events and activities are on the calendar.

January Meeting with LA County RLC; GUEST SPEAKER: Tyler Koteskey

5pm Saturday, January 12 at Philippe The Original 1001 N Alameda St in Chinatown
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Tyler Koteskey, Secretary of the 54th AD Central Committee and President of Young Americans for Liberty at UCLA, will be the night’s guest speaker.

LA County RLC has the muscle, and it’s time to flex. We are forming action committees aimed at making this club the premier political threat in the county and state. Check back for more details and invite your friends/family.

This meeting is open to all Republicans and their guests. Lots of free parking. There is no collective food order, just order what you like!

June 23 in Pasadena – Film Screening and Potluck Picnic – NULLIFICATION: THE RIGHTFUL REMEDY – GET YOUR TICKETS NOW
Now that the June 5 Primary is over, California is looking ahead to November to throw the bums out, and take back the federal government. But is that the best path towards liberty?

The Los Angeles County Republican Liberty Caucus is presenting a special screening of a documentary that makes a better case for restoring the Constitution. Saturday, June 23rd in Pasadena you’re invited to come see Nullification: The Rightful Remedy, a groundbreaking film that covers an idea Rachel Maddow prefers remain unthought. What if the states just said No? What if they already are right now!

Bring your own picnic and enjoy the outdoor screening with like-minded patriots seeking limited government. For $5 you also get access to boating, fishing and swimming so what are you waiting for? Click here to get your tickets before the event reaches capacity.
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Holiday Party! And much more on Friday December 16…


WHERE: 1106 Linda Flora Drive, Los Angeles 90077

WHEN: Friday December 16 Program 6-8pm, Party 8-10pm


6:00pm Republican Liberty Caucus of LA County Officers’ Welcome Address
6:15 Candidates Forum, Topic: Peace, Foreign Policy and the Constitution
7:00 What is the Iranian threat?
7:30 Defend the Guard Act, official signing of the open letter to CA Republican legislators
8:00 Laissez Faire Socializing (the party part)

Confirmed candidates for the 6:15pm forum are Christopher David, David Hernandez, Susan Shelley and Jenny Worman running for congress as well as Rick Williams running for senate. This forum will be 45 minutes, but is still open to any and all Republican candidates for congress or senate. Any inquiries contact Chair Nick Hankoff at

‘Tis the season of Peace and Goodwill. They are the values of a truly free people but our government’s wars have undermined the mission to spread the ideas that made America great.

The military-industrial complex has a simple goal: unending empire. Our Caucus works for its opposite: a republic with constitutional transparent government that respects free markets and individual liberty.

Republicans should have honest candidates to choose from as well as truthful sources of news and analysis on all issues facing America. Our Caucus members are the dedicated to bridging the gap between liberty candidates, media and voters.

By keeping our focus local and on the state of California we will take an active role in demanding the return of National Guard troops. The Tenth Amendment is instructive toward this goal.