Allow me to inform about ladies’ Forum Brazil 2013

Allow me to inform about ladies’ Forum Brazil 2013

Making a positive change

Brazil’s remarkable ladies leaders are driving improvement in politics, the economy, and culture. To honor their achievements and address their aspirations, the Women’s Forum Brazil 2013 will concentrate on the theme of earning a big change.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2012

Desired: 360В° development

The worldwide economic crash regarding the late 2000s created a lot more than global recession that is economic. Additionally accentuated popular doubts about the development paradigms upon which our economies are designed. It appears so hard right now to create financial development.

Ladies’ Forum Brazil 2012

Reaching the country into the future

Brazil, the nation into the future; constantly ended up being, constantly will undoubtedly be. It was the self-deprecating laugh of Brazilians in the 60s and 70s, as every year had been positive but Brazil kept failing. You don’t have to joke today.

Ladies’ Forum Global Meeting 2011

Imagine if? Challenge, imagination, commitment

2011 is showing it self per year of this becoming reality that is improbable. Continue reading