Republican Liberty Caucus of Los Angeles County
1215 Menlo Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90006

Phone: (323) 441-6776


Board of Directors:
Chairman: Nick Hankoff
Vice-chairman: Amir Zendehnam
Treasurer: Noah Johnson
Secretary: John Picard
Los Angeles County Regional Director: Erin Letarte

Meet the Board

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  1. Nick, Noah and Amir I saw your clip on Glenn Beck’s TV show and I wanted to know if you could provide me a step by step analysis of taking over my Countys Republican Party. I’m working on joining the REC but after that what methods would you suggest to ensure keeping libertarian ideas at the stronghold but still mending well with the local conservatives? If you can please write me back in one way or another or contact me via Twitter I would greatly appreciate it. I only ask because I have the drive, the naturally obtained leadership skills and the personally invested interest in ensuring this takes place. I appreciate it.

    – Philippe

    • Hey Philippe, sorry for the late response. We often try shy from the phrase “take over” but we each got started in the L.A. County Party by running for Central Committee. We organized together with many candidates throughout the county to run for central committee on a Liberty slate. This is really the first step for steering the Republican Party towards the principles of liberty. Get into your central committee,fill vancant seats, and then fill the leadership positions within the Party. Stay involved, stay active, and outperform the establishment in recruiting new Republican voters and activists. Support local, statewide, and federal candidates where you can. Always develop your leadership skills. We all love Leadership Institute, so check them out!

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